Yucatan, Mexico

Finding a destination suitable for a couple with two year old boy, that is not too turisty, yet with some access to medical services, not too hot, not too far away, yet not too close, not too wet, but still not too dry, with nice sandy beaches... is not an easy task. So we did some research. On paper everything sounded nice, September was good time to go, we were crossing fingers to avoid tornados in tornado season. Well, too cut story short, it was great. Only a little bit too hot. Yucatan is a great place (Cancun excluded, we knew it would not appeal to us).

Valencia, Spain

We are not sure whether it is a cliché, but Spaniards really excel in architecture. The City of Science and Art is truly an amazing part of town. Valencia is a nice, easy going and child friendly city. It took us some time to get used to their "there is enough time" attitude, so we slowed down and enjoyed. Valencia's charm might take some time to put a spell on you, but once it does, you're hooked. We regretted after a week when we headed for home.

California and Florida, USA

This was our first travel with a baby. Marko was 10 months old and handled flights, cities, hikes, car rides very well. San Francisco proved to be very pleasant city, Sequoia National Park was a true gem, Florida nice surprise. Eastern Sierra around Mono lake was windy, cold and eye catching. Yosemite can only be a highlight... we imagined it to be beautiful, but it was way more than that. Fabulous! Five days we spent there was just scratching the surface. We need to get back.

Azores Islands, Portugal

The westernmost part of Europe, these volcanic islands, home to green mountains and stunning landscape in the middle of Atlantic are something really to be seen. Sao Miguel, the largest of nine islands, was somehow a disappointment though, but Terceira, Pico and Flores and Corvo are … Amazing!

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Isle of Skye is so beutiful that it should be its own country, no, its own continent, no, it should be a planet of its own. Last year we stopped for a couple of days, and this year we spent a week. It was way too short. The beauty of this isle might not hit you at once, but if you give it a chance, it is an overwhelming experience. We will need at least a dozen more visits to grasp and convey the magic of this island.


My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here,
My heart's in the Highlands, a-chasing the deer;
Chasing the wild-deer, and following the roe -
My heart's in the Highlands, wherever I go! ...

From the poem My Heart's In The Highlands by Burns, 1789


Patagonia has been long time on our wish list. Jagged peaks of Monte Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre and like, lakes, glaciers, broad and arid landscapes, wild and remote Tierra del Fuego, Cape Horn, penguins, fiords etc. had this misterious attraction we needed to travel. In most cases Patagonia lived up to our expectations, especially its severe winds. But at the end of the day we found out again that Slovenia is nice too.


Hot springs, jungle and again jungle, charming little children, monks receiving alms as a tourist attraction, not so bad food and good roads, for all good and bad, this is Laos.

After years of isolation that are more or less evident on every step, Laos is surprisingly easy-going country. Do not expect super cool and awfully kind locals, turbulent and murky history took their toll, but the atmosphere of the landscape is a bless.


If you forget 100% inflation as an obvious sign of healthy economy, well then Vietnam is quite a nice country to visit. North at least.

Weather might not be as you wish all the time, but people so kind, modest, hard working are simply amazing.


"Sir, if you need, I have in my pocket 5.000 and my house 20.000 rupees. If you need, I give it to you. No problem." 

Sure we did not take the money, but hospitality has a different meaning here. Just like awesome mountains, rivers and people so different.


Happy new year 1534! We've been there just at that time. Argh, it was long time ago. Well, only couple of years ago. Everything is so different, people are just so friendly and kind. With the luxury of no cell phone coverage, no electricity and 3 hours walk to the first road, I would be friendly and kind. And simple.

Sri Lanka

If French Polynesia is just too much of a paradise for you, well, then try Sri Lanka.

You will not find turquoise lagoons surrounded by shimmering white beaches here, what you do find, is crystal clear water with red sand beaches, turtles and smiling people. And lots of tea.

French Polynesia

Don't believe in paradise places with palms, white beaches, crystal clear water, easy-going smiling people and other clichés? Who cares? 

"Home sweet home" saying really, really looses its meaning here. You will never want to go back home.


Land of a thousand hills, country of a massive population growth, amazing vistas, people sometimes rude, sometimes awfully kind, mountain gorillas...

All that is a beautiful reminder who we are and where we all are coming from.


What is your favorite color? "Blue", I reply. Look sir, I have a carpet made for you only. You like it? Hand made, by my father, he's Berber!

Oh yes, blue city, red desert, half a meter narrow streets, did I mentioned carpets? Lots of them.

Ex Yugoslavia*

There's no turning back. Unfortunately. This is ours and our parents' home country that is now lost in a history.There are memories, some say crazy nostalgia and though it is not the most beautiful place on earth, it is an idea of a truly fair and honest place, that does not exist anymore.

*Except Slovenia


We thought nothing can surprise us now. We'll be back ASAP.

Despite tourist crowd, reasonably high prices, Paris is the city to enchant. Behind efficient modern goodies lies city full of historic magic, cultural treasures and charming narrow streets.


Italy has a lot to offer. It is close to our home country and we like it. Italians might be a different story, haha.

Anyway, from bright old cities to fresh mountains, from rolling vineyards of Chianti to Venice gondolas it is a wonderful and interesting destination. Capuccino, prego.


Perhaps even more truthful then crowded Vienna or Rome, Prague is a delightfully charming city with a cosmopolitan flair.

It's a city that takes you back to Austrian-Hungarian empire with a single glance over the medevial streets.


If everybody goes to Athens, Ios, Mykonos or other islands, we go elsewhere. I guess Greece has a lot to show. Well, we did not see it all. Maybe we should have gone to Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, but every our neighbor goes there. We'll pass. We have been to Macedonia. Yes, the home land of Alexander the Great, of Aristoteles and could be of other great people, too.

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