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Writting about yourself is not easy. It is easy if your trying to send a job application, where you know what you're after. Well, we like to travel and we have a gorgeous son Marko. And we like to take photos. If something goes wrong with our career, we bet there's lots of people waiting we sell them our photography work.


Born 1978 in Kranj, small town in Slovenia in a working class family. My parents came to Slovenia from Bosnia (both were once a part of wonderful country Yugoslavia) in 70s. Those were the days. My brother is a waiter at Villa Bled and he is preparing on new challenges of married life. Well I finnished some studies and still am studying, I just think it is never enough. After high school I soon embarked on a career in banking, I though it is good to be around money. But after some years I switched to computer buisness. And now I am a mom, have the best job in a world and simply adore our sunshine Marko.


Born in 1974 I still consider myself as a very young person. My mother is a retired nurse and gave me lots of reasons not to become a doctor. So I am a mechanical engineer now, and I find all this education usefull in photography as well. I also considered becoming an architect or a painter, but nobody approached me with a commission work, so I let that idea go by. Maybe that is why I like to make photos and Marko is a great inspiration and mentor :-)


Inspirations & links

Traveling and photography is not our way of life. They are an essential part of our lives though. Nature, places, people, history, culture, mountains around us, at home and far away from home, are things that interest us. Beside our jobs, these things complete us and fascinate us. Everything that is new and old, exotic and familiar, everything we do not know yet, all that expands our horizons, deepens our understanding, all that is an everlasting drive in many times dull everyday. Each time we travel we are saying something to each other. As if we are communicating our views to the world and the world communicates back to us always something new. Travel is an adventure and photography is our creative thought.

The magnitude of excellent photography on the web and in the world in general is overwhelming. Perhaps every photo we make was already done, maybe better, maybe worse, but what makes it for us is that it contains our experience, our thought, our vision. Beside the world itself, nature, mountains, places etc. there are some people, some things that provide more inspiration than others. It is difficult to list them all, but those below are truly exceptional:


“Inspiring people to care about planet.” Awesome writing and excellent photography, every month.


“Mountain skylines formed by natural forces working through time seemed to have more architectural continuity than any cityscape I had ever seen. Here were things that touched my soul, images that I wanted to share, but I did not know how” Excerpt from Mountain Light. For us who love mountains and photography, this book is all about extraordinary pictures and thought provoking writing.


Everlasting great inspiration as if colors shine through his black and white photographs.


Great photography and some interesting writing.


Excellent black and white photography and great links.


Great mountain photography and interesting blog.




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